Nesi Paolo

Nesi Paolo

Position: Professore - DISIT Lab
Organization: Università degli Studi di Firenze

Digital Twin and AI of Snap4City

The evolution of smart city solutions from data aggregation tools to smart asset management and decision support systems is mandatory for costs reduction in monitoring and planning beyond sustainability. The solutions have to guarantee the improvement of city services’ quality and efficiency, and the reduction of costs. The exposition will overview the Snap4City platform with its recent innovations on Digital Twins, Smart Applications, Artificial Intelligence (respecting data-ethics and AI-ethics), Explainable AI to support decision makers, mainly in the contexts of asset management, security/safety, energy, mobility and transport, environment, and tourism. Most of the cases are derived from actual installation: Merano, Cuneo, Genova, and recent trials as ISPRA JRC, Herit-Data Interreg, MobiMart Interreg, Trafair CEF.