About the event

Genoa Smart Week: an international profile week of events focused on several thematic areas: “Enterprise 4.0 – Industry 4.0”, “Urban Platform – Innovation for the city transformation”, “Business Models & Solutions for a zero-footprint city”, “Nature-Based Solutions for Urban Regeneration”, which will provide the opportunity for interaction and exchange between the protagonists involved in the development of smart, sustainable, innovative and livable cities.


The Genoa Smart Week is targeted to:

  • Italian and European Institutions
  • Academic and Research Institutions
  • Local and National Institutions
  • Italian and European Municipalities
  • Private and public Companies
  • Local Institutions committed to mobility, culture, tourism, environment and energy
  • Foundations, no-profit stakeholders, committed to urban social development
  • Local, National and International Media

There will be also a number of initiatives open to citizens, in order to involve them in the urban innovation process.

The centres of the week will be Palazzo San Giorgio and Piazza Caricamento, located in the Genoa Porto Antico Area, excellent example of rehabilitation and urban regeneration.


Genoa Smart City Week will be animated by:

  • Workshops, Conferences, Exhibitions, Seminars
  • European events with International guests
  • European Project Meetings and closed-door Summit
  • One-2-One Business Meeting
  • Urban Expo Experience
  • Reserved Networking Cocktails and Lunches